What Is Page Arizona Known For?

What is the best month to visit Antelope Canyon?

The best months to visit Antelope Canyon are between the end of March and early October.

During this time, we can see light beams that enter the Upper Antelope Canyon which creates a unique phenomenon.

If you visit Antelope Canyon during winter, you will miss those bright haloes..

Why do they call it Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon gets its name from local Navajo stories regarding antelopes that grazed along the canyon in the wintertime. … The Upper Canyon is called “Tse’ bighanilini” by the Navajo people. This translates to “the place where water runs through rocks” in English. Upper Antelope is at around 4,000 feet elevation.

Which is better Upper Antelope Canyon or lower?

We go to Lower Antelope Canyon more often because it costs slightly less and usually has smaller crowds. … Upper Antelope Canyon is more internationally famous and therefore busier. However Upper is better equipped to handle larger crowds than Lower during peak season in mid to late summer.

How safe is Page Arizona?

Chance of Being A Victim of Crime in Page In Page, AZ you have a 1 in 96 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime. Violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery and assault. With regards to property crime, you have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim.

How far is page from Sedona?

143 milesThe distance between Page and Sedona is 143 miles. The road distance is 164.2 miles.

How far is Page AZ from Utah border?

15 milesThe Big Water Visitor Center: crossing the border into Utah, 15 miles Northwest of Page, AZ, is an understated but impressive facility featuring dinosaur bones excavated nearby, a topographical relief map of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and award-winning paleontology and geology displays.

Can you go to Horseshoe Bend without a tour?

No not necessary to take a tour, if you have a car, it is an easy drive from Page, there is a carpark a short drive from the highway, then probably about a 15 minute walk to the actually horseshoe bend. … No, you can see horseshoe bend travelling independently.

What is Antelope Canyon famous for?

Antelope Canyon is the most-photographed slot canyon in the American southwest. It is also one of the most famous slot canyons in the world.

How did Page AZ get its name?

Page was founded in 1957. Originally, it served as a housing community for those working on Glen Canyon Dam and their families. It was originally called Government Camp and was later named in honor of John C. Page, who served as commissioner for the Bureau of Reclamation from 1936 to 1943.

How far is it from Page AZ to Grand Canyon?

140 milesYes, the driving distance between Grand Canyon to Page is 140 miles. It takes approximately 2h 44m to drive from Grand Canyon to Page.

Is Page in Utah or Arizona?

Page is a city in Coconino County, Arizona, United States, near the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 7,247.

Is Antelope Canyon worth the money?

Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon We opted to skip the Lower Canyon to avoid another annoying tour experience but by all accounts I’ve seen it is worth the money to visit (and it also is fine to see it outside of when the sun is high because the canyon lets in a lot more light).

What is the closest city to Page AZ?

Cities near Page, ArizonaHurricane, UT.Cedar City, UT.Washington, UT.Saint George, UT.Flagstaff, AZ.Winslow, AZ.Sedona, AZ.Cottonwood, AZ.More items…

What airlines fly to Page AZ?

Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to Page (from hundreds of airlines including Delta, American Airlines, United) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip.

How many days do you need in Page Arizona?

two daysYou have two days in Page, Arizona. Sweet! Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are definitely on your to-do list.

Is Antelope Canyon dangerous?

Antelope Canyon Can be a Dangerous and Deadly Place Eleven tourists and their guide entered the Lower Canyon for a tour through the majestic canyon. … Some of the victims were found drowned inside the canyon and others were washed out into the valley. Two more were found the next day in Lake Powell.

Are there snakes in Antelope Canyon?

A. The only poisonous creature ever seen in the canyon is the ordinary diamondback rattlesnake. Your guide will lead the way and chase out any snakes ahead of them. The snake is rarely seen and we see them about as frequent as we see floods, once in a blue moon.

Can you swim in Lake Powell?

Swimming is a popular activity at Lake Powell, especially in the summer when water temperatures can surpass 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Please be aware that there are no life guards or designated swim beaches at Lake Powell or on the Colorado River.