Quick Answer: Why Did Harold Thomas Sell The Aboriginal Flag?

Harold ThomasIn 1997, in the case of Thomas v Brown and Tennant, the Federal Court of Australia declared that Harold Thomas was the owner of copyright in the design of the Australian Aboriginal flag, and thus the flag has protection under Australian copyright law..

Who trademarked the Aboriginal flag?

Luritja man Harold ThomasThe reason is that the Aboriginal flag is a copyright work owned by the artist who created it over 40 years ago – Luritja man Harold Thomas. Thomas created the flag for a national Indigenous day in July 1971, and this is not the first time his flag has been embroiled in copyright controversy.

Why is the Aboriginal flag on passports?

Well, that Aboriginal flag-looking symbol on the front of Aussie passports is not, in fact, an Aboriginal flag. It’s actually the code to indicate the passport is an ePassport. … The colour of your passports can be influenced by political, geographical and even religious reasons.

Is the Aboriginal flag official?

The flag was first raised on National Aborigines Day in Adelaide on 12 July, 1971. The flag has become a symbol of unity and identity for Aboriginal people. In 1995, the Aboriginal flag was recognised by the Australian Government as an official ‘Flag of Australia’ under the Flags Act 1953.

Is Harold Thomas Aboriginal?

Harold Joseph Thomas (born c. 1947) is an Aboriginal Australian artist and activist descended from the Luritja people of Central Australia. … Thomas designed the flag in 1971 as a symbol of the Aboriginal land rights movement.

How did WAM buy the Aboriginal flag?

Company that owns rights to Aboriginal flag in the spotlight at Senate inquiry. … WAM Clothing was granted the exclusive use of the Aboriginal flag on clothing, physical and digital media by its designer and copyright holder, the Luritja artist Harold Thomas, in November 2018.

Are there any rules for flying the Aboriginal flag?

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags should be flown and displayed in a dignified manner. … Flags should not be allowed to fall or lie upon the ground. Flags should not be flown at night unless they are properly lit. Each flag should be flown from a separate flagpole.

What is aboriginal mean?

Aborigine, Often Offensive. a member of any of the peoples who are the earliest known inhabitants of Australia, or one of their descendants. Also Aboriginal . Also called Australian Aborigine . aborigines, the original, native fauna or flora of a region.

Are aboriginal genes recessive?

Australia’s Indigenous population is probably about 4%. About 2% of humans are redheads. … We don’t have recessive genes for our skin colour, so there is no ‘throwback’ for it among us (unlike red hair, which pops up every second or third generation). An Aboriginal baby is never browner than the darker-skinned parent.

Who owned Australia?

The British colony of New South Wales was established with the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 vessels under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip in January 1788. It consisted of over a thousand settlers, including 778 convicts (192 women and 586 men).

Why did Harold Thomas make the Aboriginal flag?

Luritja artist Harold Thomas created the flag The red, black and yellow came to symbolise the strength, resistance and resilience of Aboriginal people, particularly for the modern land rights movement. … In 1995, it became an official flag of Australia by proclamation of the governor general, on 14 July.

Unlike most other flags around the world, the Aboriginal flag is still protected by copyright. … When the flag was proclaimed as an official flag of Australia in 1995, Thomas’ authorship of the artistic work (that constitutes the flag) was contested.

Are country flags copyrighted?

Government involvement Many flags and national symbols are commissioned or created for or on behalf of governments. In the United States, government works cannot be protected by copyright under 17 USC Section 105; therefore, the national flag is in the public domain. However, there are restrictions on use of the flag.

Where did the Aboriginal flag come from?

Aboriginal Elder Harold Thomas, a Luritja man from Central Australia, designed the Aboriginal flag in 1971. It was created as a symbol of unity and national identity for Aboriginal people during the land rights movement of the early 1970s.