Quick Answer: Where Should I Go In Arizona This Weekend?

What city is an hour away from Los Angeles?

Townmi.km.Culver City7.8512.63Beverly Hills7.9812.84South Pasadena8.0412.94Bell Gardens8.1213.0715 more rows.

How far away is the Grand Canyon from Scottsdale AZ?

178 milesThe distance between Scottsdale and Grand Canyon is 178 miles. The road distance is 236.5 miles.

Where can I get away in Arizona?

10 Weekend Getaways in Arizona | Copper, Canyons, and QuesoBisbee. Another mining town treasure, Bisbee is also highly known for its haunted hotels. … Camp Verde. … Flagstaff. … Globe. … Grand Canyon. … Lake Havasu City. … Phoenix. … Sedona.More items…

What is there to do in Scottsdale AZ this weekend?

24 Best Things to Do in Scottsdale (Arizona)Downtown Scottsdale. … Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. … Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. … The Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden at Chaparral Park. … Things to Do in Scottsdale, AZ: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. … Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center. … Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West.More items…•

What is 2 hours away from LA?

5 Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles that Are All Under 4 Hours AwayJoshua Tree (2 hours, 20 minutes) Take the 10 east and you’re golden. … Carpinteria (1 hour, 30 minutes) … Solvang (2 hours) … Oxnard (90 minutes) … Sequoia National Forest (3 hours, 40 minutes)

Where do the most millionaires live in Arizona?

Paradise Valley was ranked as the richest city in Arizona, according to Business Insider, with an average median income of $176,000 per household.

Where can I drive to from LA?

Road trips from L.A.Palm Springs. Miles from L.A.: ~105. … Joshua Tree. Travel. … Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Miles from L.A.: ~235. … Las Vegas. Miles from L.A.: ~270. … Mammoth Lakes. Miles from L.A.: ~310. … San Francisco. Miles from L.A.: ~390. … Napa and Sonoma. Miles from L.A.: ~415. … Lake Tahoe. Miles from L.A.: ~465.More items…•

Where can I go for a day trip to Arizona?

Enjoy some short getaways with our list of the best day trips from Phoenix.Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. … Sedona. Sedona | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. … Jerome. Jerome. … Saguaro National Park, Tucson. … Flagstaff. … Montezuma Castle National Monument. … Prescott. … Tortilla Flat.More items…•

What cities are 4 hours away from Los Angeles?

Driving Distances from Los AngelesFrom Los Angeles, CA ToDriving TimePaso Robles, CA3 hoursSanta Barbara, CA1 hour and 30 minutesLas Vegas, NV4 hoursNewport Beach, CA50 minutes14 more rows•Sep 12, 2020

What is the prettiest city in Arizona?

SedonaTiny Bisbee stands tall on list of the nation’s prettiest cities. Those who believe Sedona is Arizona’s prettiest town, raise your hands.

What is the closest city to Los Angeles?

Major cities near Los Angeles, CA6 miles to Glendale, CA.20 miles to Long Beach, CA.24 miles to Anaheim, CA.30 miles to Santa Ana, CA.49 miles to Riverside, CA.55 miles to San Bernardino, CA.102 miles to Bakersfield, CA.111 miles to San Diego, CA.More items…

Where is the best place to go this weekend?

Best Weekend GetawaysNew York City.Charleston, SC.Chicago.San Diego.Miami.Montreal.New Orleans.Vancouver.More items…

What is there to do in Scottsdale AZ today?

Top 10 Things to See & Do in ScottsdaleScottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve. … Old Town Scottsdale. … Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. … Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. … Wonderspaces. … Scottsdale Golf. … Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West. … Scottsdale Wine Trail.More items…

What can kill you in Arizona?

11 venomous animals of ArizonaRattlesnake. The Desert Diamondback Rattlesnake is in striking position. … Arizona Coral Snake. Coral Snake (Source: University of Arizona) … Gila Monster. … Africanized Bees – Killer Bees. … Arizona Brown Recluse spider. … Tarantula. … Desert Centipede. … Kissing Bug.More items…•

Is Scottsdale a rich city?

Scottsdale Is an Affluent City Scottsdale is generally considered the most affluent large city in Arizona. … The towns of Cave Creek, Carefree, and Fountain Hills attract wealthy folks. The median price of a single-family home in the Town of Paradise Valley is over $1 million.