Quick Answer: Where Is Antelope Canyon AZ?

What city is Antelope Canyon in Arizona?

PageAntelope Canyon, located near Page, Arizona is home to one of nature’s most wondrous creations – the slot canyon.

Carved from the red sandstone for millennia by seasonal flood rains and wind, the canyons are narrow passageways that lead several hundred feet away from the mouth..

How do I get to Antelope Canyon AZ?

Antelope Canyon can only be reached by guided tour. Guided tours are available from Las Vegas, and nearby Page, AZ. If you want to see sunbeams, visit Upper Antelope Canyon between mid-March and October, and around mid-day if possible.

Where in the US is Antelope Canyon located?

Arizona’sMarvel at Arizona’s awe-inspiring sandstone slot canyon when you visit Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona. Few geological formations are as picturesque and awe-inspiring as Antelope Canyon, a magnificent slot canyon just east of Page in Northern Arizona.

Which Antelope Canyon tour is best?

15 Best Antelope Canyon ToursAntelope & Grand Canyons, Zion, Bryce & Monument Valley. … Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Tour From Las Vegas. … Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley & Horseshoe Bend 3-Day Tour. … Antelope Canyon Full-Day Tour from Flagstaff or Sedona. … Arizona Highlights Day Trip: Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, and Glen Canyon with River Rafting.More items…

What makes Antelope Canyon surreal?

Antelope Canyon is one of the most surreal places I’ve explored. The Navajo sandstone slot canyon was formed over years of flash floods, wind and weather leaving behind the softly flowing curves in the stone canyon. The result is a photogenic wonder, ever-changing as the sun passes over head.

Why is Antelope Canyon famous?

Still, it has managed to become the most-photographed and most-visited slot canyon in all of the American Southwest due to its beauty. Formed by millions of years of wind and water erosion, Antelope Canyon’s magnificent smooth and flowing shaped sandstone has made it one of the most famous slot canyons in the world.

How far is Antelope Canyon from Phoenix?

246 milesThe distance between Phoenix and Antelope Canyon is 246 miles. The road distance is 286.7 miles.

What is the best time of year to visit Antelope Canyon?

The best months to visit Antelope Canyon are between the end of March and early October. During this time, we can see light beams that enter the Upper Antelope Canyon which creates a unique phenomenon. If you visit Antelope Canyon during winter, you will miss those bright haloes.

How much does it cost to get into Antelope Canyon?

The entrance fee is $6/person, and the guided tour is typically $20. In the cold months, people are allowed in Lower Antelope Canyon without a guide; but guide always required for Upper AC. One can take photos on any tour, but there are special tours for photographers.

What town is closest to Antelope Canyon?

PageThe location of Antelope Canyon is around 5 hours north of Phoenix. We were staying near Sedona and it was 3 hours from there. The closest city is Page, AZ.

How far is Antelope Canyon from Sedona Arizona?

146 milesThe distance between Sedona and Antelope Canyon is 146 miles. The road distance is 171.4 miles.

Which is better Upper Antelope Canyon or lower?

Upper Antelope Canyon is more internationally famous and therefore busier. However Upper is better equipped to handle larger crowds than Lower during peak season in mid to late summer. Upper Antelope Canyon is also easier to enter, so tour groups with elderly or physically limited travellers go to Upper.