Question: Is Tucson Cheaper Than Phoenix?

Is it cheaper to live in Phoenix or Tucson?

The cost of living is 8% more expensive to live in Phoenix than Tucson.

As of April 2019, the cost of housing according to Zillow; Houses are 24.00% more expensive in Phoenix than Tucson.

Tucson houses are 18% less expensive than the US average home price of $235,000..

Which is hotter Phoenix or Tucson?

Phoenix’s lower elevation (about 1,300 feet) usually outweighs Tucson’s slightly more southern latitude when it comes to temperatures. As a result, the average high temperature for the year for Phoenix is 86.6 degrees compared to 83.1 degrees for Tucson.

Is Tucson a nice place to retire?

Our city ranked 36th overall in best places to retire across the country. Tucson had an overall score of 52.55, and ranked 70 in affordability, 46 in activities, 27 in quality of life, and 121 in health care. … Here are the top 15 cities in the U.S. to retire in: Orlando, Florida: 60.87.

What is the biggest gem show in the world?

Inside the world’s largest gem show Each winter, some 65,000 visitors descend on Arizona for the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase to admire and acquire shiny new pieces to brighten up their lives.

What is Tucson best known for?

Plus, with a thriving visual and performing arts scene and respected galleries and museums, Tucson’s vibrant multicultural heritage shines. Famous for its dramatic beauty, the Sonoran Desert covers this region with spectacular cacti – including the giant saguaro, a symbol of the American Southwest.

What is the most dangerous city in Arizona?

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Arizona For 2020Globe. Wikipedia/Jerry Willis. … Tolleson. Flickr/Kevin Dooley. … Page. Flickr/Diana Robinson. … Winslow. Flickr/Alan Levine. … Tucson. Flickr/David Wilson. … Tempe. Flickr/CEBImagery. … Show Low. Wikipedia/Ixnayonthetimmay. … Phoenix. Flickr/Sean Davis.More items…•

Is Tucson the dumbest city?

Tucson is near the middle of the pack in terms of intelligence, ranking as the 27th dumbest city in Arizona of the 59 cities we analyzed. Mesa was close behind Tucson, ranking as the 31st dumbest city in the state, with a 5.4% dropout rate and 12.6% of adult residents not having a high school degree.

Is Tucson better than Phoenix?

Phoenix is a lot bigger with a greater choice of things to do. … Tucson is less than 1/3 the size of Phoenix although their scenery overall is probably better. You can drive to Tucson from Phoenix in about 1 hour and 40-45 minutes.

Why is it cooler in Tucson than Phoenix?

A: Tucson is usually a little bit cooler than Phoenix because it is a little bit higher up. … Tucson’s is 2,550. Air cools as it rises because the pressure on it drops. Rising air cools at a rate of 5.4 degrees per 1,000 feet and sinking air warms at the same rate.

Is Tucson Arizona a safe place to live?

“Tucson is one of the only cities in the Southwest to rank among the worst places to live,” the study reports, before ticking off reasons why that’s so. The economy is slow-growing, the property crime rate is crazy there, and the population is transient, making it difficult to establish a strong community.

How much does it cost to live in Tucson?

2027 E 1st St Unit 2COST OF LIVINGTucsonArizonaMedian Home Cost$185,800$249,300Utilities99.4102.7Transportation96.6107Miscellaneous10395.84 more rows

Can you drink the tap water in Tucson?

“The water is safe for all uses including drinking,” Tucson Water said in a fact sheet last week. … Vermont allows 20 parts per trillion, less than one-third of what EPA recommends in drinking water.