Question: Is Arizona A White State?

What is the largest ethnic group in Arizona?

The largest ancestry groups in Arizona are Mexican (25.8%), German (16.5%), English (10.3%), Irish (10.9%), and Native American (4.5%)..

What state has the largest black population?

Profile: Black/African Americans The ten states with the largest black population in 2017 were Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, North Carolina, California, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Louisiana. Combined, these 10 states represent 58% of the total black population.

What is the current unemployment rate in AZ?

The unemployment rate in Arizona peaked in April 2020 at 13.4% and is now 7.5 percentage points lower. You can also see Arizona unemployment compared to other states….Arizona Unemployment History.DateApril 2020National Unemployment Rate14.7%Arizona Unemployment Rate13.4%Arizona Unemployed473,76611 more columns

Is Casa Grande AZ growing?

Casa Grande’s location between the Phoenix and Tucson Metros has ensured that the city is poised for growth: today, Casa Grande’s population is nearly 54,000 people, and projections show that the city will continue to experience robust growth for the next two decades, nearly doubling its population to more than 127,000 …

Is Arizona Republican or Democrat?

State politics are largely controlled by the Republican Party, although several Democratic candidates for statewide office were elected following the 2018 elections. The following table indicates the political parties of elected officials in Arizona: Governor. Secretary of State.

What percentage of Arizona is white?

82.6%TablePopulationWhite alone, percent 82.6%Black or African American alone, percent(a) 5.2%American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 5.3%Asian alone, percent(a) 3.7%54 more rows

Is Arizona a growing state?

The census bureau released its American Community Survey 2018 ‘One-Year Estimates’ today, showing Arizona is the fastest-growing state in the nation. … According to the estimates, Arizona’s population grew from 7,016,270 in 2017 to 7,171,646 in 2018.

What is the fastest growing city in Arizona?

Queen CreekDetailed List Of Fastest Growing Places In Arizona For 2020RankCityGrowth1Queen Creek56.4%2Marana38.7%3Maricopa35.9%4San Luis35.5%6 more rows•Dec 25, 2019

What is Arizona State nickname?

The Copper StateThe Grand Canyon StateArizona/Nicknames

Is Arizona a poor state?

Arizona is one of seven states across the nation in which poverty has declined for at least four consecutive years, according to the American Community Survey. … Additionally, average weekly unemployment claims in the state have decreased by more than 9,770 since 2015.

What percentage of Phoenix is white?

TablePopulationPersons 65 years and over, percent 10.3%Female persons, percent 50.2%Race and Hispanic OriginWhite alone, percent 72.3%54 more rows

What state is Arizona known as?

Grand Canyon StateList of nicknames of U.S. statesstatenicknameArizonaGrand Canyon StateArkansasNatural StateCaliforniaGolden StateColoradoCentennial State46 more rows•Aug 29, 2018