Is It Expensive To Live In Washington State?

What is the best area to live in Washington state?

10 Best Places to Live in Washington StateOlympia.

The capital city has a lot going on.


On the eastern edge of Washington State is the lovely Spokane Valley, filled with mountain lakes, waterfalls, and wineries.


Those who live in Bellingham probably wish that lists like this one would leave their city off of it.

Walla Walla.

Mercer Island..

What city has the best weather in Washington state?

Depends largely on what you feel is “favorable weather”. The mountains are the dividing line between the wet weather and the much drier (but with colder winters and hot summers). Chelan, Tri-cities, and Spokane are highly favored for weather. Most cities west of the Cascade mountain range get a fair vit of rain.

What is the wealthiest city in Washington state?

SammamishDetailed List Of The Richest Cities In WashingtonRankCityMedian Income1Sammamish$165,3182Snoqualmie$144,1483Bainbridge Island$115,2304Ridgefield$95,85952 more rows

What is a good salary in Washington state?

The average annual salary in Washington state last year was $65,301, an increase of 5.5 percent from 2017.

How much money do you need to make to live in Washington state?

Income needed: $72,092. 50 percent for necessities: $36,046. 30 percent for discretionary spending: $21,628.

What is the most dangerous city in Washington state?

Washington’s crime situation is a bit unusual: the state boasts a violent crime rate considerably below the national average, yet has a significant property crime issue, mainly in Seattle and its other large cities….Washington’s Safest Cities.WA1CityOak HarborPopulation23,330Violent crime24Property crime16236 more columns•Jan 19, 2020

Is moving to Seattle a good idea?

Seattle is consistently ranked among the 10 best places to live in the United States by U.S. News, and for good reason. Not only is Seattle surrounded by lush evergreen forests, but the city is famous for being environmentally friendly. … For these reasons and more, we think moving to Seattle is a fantastic idea.

What is the cheapest city to live in Washington state?

Here’s a list of the most affordable cities in Washington state:Olympia, Wash.Richland, Wash.Bothell, Wash.Auburn, Wash.Redmond, Wash.

Where does Washington State rank in cost of living?

Cost Of Living Index by State 2020StateCost IndexGroceryWashington110.7107.8Vermont114.5111.3Maine117.5107Rhode Island119.4106.246 more rows

What is the safest city in Washington state?

The 20 Safest Cities in Washington#1. Snoqualmie. +0. Population 13,947. … #2. West Richland. +10. Population 15,012. … #3. Camas. +0. Population 23,865. … #4. Mercer Island. -2. Population 26,641. … #5. Oak Harbor. +15. Population 23,330. … #6. Bainbridge Island. +1. Population 24,739. … #7. Grandview. +24. Population 11,163. … #8. Mill Creek. +26.More items…•

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Washington state?

Typical Expenses1 ADULT2 ADULTS (BOTH WORKING)0 Children2 ChildrenTransportation$4,094$11,032Other$2,734$5,953Required annual income after taxes$29,373$69,5746 more rows

What is the most dangerous state in the US?

MaineSafest and Most Dangerous StatesOverall rankStateTotal Score1Maine66.022Vermont65.483Minnesota62.424Utah61.7147 more rows•Jul 20, 2020

Why is rent in Seattle so high?

The new class of renters in Seattle are higher income, and they can afford to pay more. … Census data shows that in nearly one out of five rental units in the city, at least half of the household income goes just to paying the rent and utilities.

Is it good to retire in Washington state?

Retirement tax benefits Washington is tax-friendly for retirees. The state does not tax social security, pension, or retirement accounts. Additionally, Washington boasts a lower than average property tax and has no inheritance tax for estates less than $2.193 million.

Why is it so expensive to live in Washington?

Guppy said Seattle sets the tone for the Puget Sound region, calling it “expensive” and “burdensome.” He cited Seattle’s high sales and property taxes and the state’s pre-Initiative 976 car-tab fees as examples of regressive taxes that build up the cost of living in the region.

Is 80k a good salary in Seattle?

Within Seattle proper, at least any nice part of it, you’re not going to be living large on 80k. But if you’re willing to spend some more time on your commute and get away from the city, you can find more bang for your buck. And the there’s some very nice places in the surrounding area.

Is 130k a good salary in Seattle?

130k is a good income, if you don’t have daycare costs or a lot of consumer debt or student loans. I agree with Gardyloo re the 1800.00/mo scenario. Kirkland can be rather expensive. Unless you have several kids or a lot of other debt, you should be just fine on that income in Seattle or Kirkland.

Is Washington a good place to live?

The pros of moving to Washington… an ultra high quality of life and the great outdoors. … With Washington being home to over 100 mountains, it’s safe to say (or not so safe to say) that it’s a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast that adores hiking, mountain biking and climbing.