Is Downtown Denver Safe At Night?

Where can I go at night in Denver?

Best Night Activities in Denver, COUrban Putt.

1.6 mi.

91 reviews.

Smash It Breakroom.

4.2 mi.

7 reviews.

Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours.

2.0 mi.

66 reviews.

Upstairs Circus Lower Downtown – LoDo.

2.0 mi.

168 reviews.

Axe Whooping.

1.3 mi.

46 reviews.

Denver Zoo Lights.

1.4 mi.

80 reviews.


5.3 mi.

7 reviews.

Rise Comedy.

1.7 mi.

94 reviews.More items….

What is the main strip in Denver?

16th Street MallMain Strip of Stores and Restaurants – 16th Street Mall.

Is Denver a walkable city?

It ranked Denver as the country’s 16th-most walkable city, describing the city as “somewhat walkable. Some errands can be accomplished on foot.” Denver’s Walk Score was 61, far behind the nation’s leader of New York City, at 89.2, San Francisco at 86, and Boston at 80.9.

Is Aurora a ghetto?

Aurora does have some Ghetto parts, however it is the second biggest city in the Denver metro area. … Like any big city there are bad parts and good parts.

What parts of Denver are dangerous?

The Denver neighborhoods with the most reported violent crimeFive Points: 242 incidents.Montbello: 166.CBD: 147.Capitol Hill: 135.East Colfax: 119.Gateway / Green Valley Ranch: 113.Union Station: 112.Lincoln Park: 94.More items…

Where is the ghetto in Denver?

Capitol HillCapitol Hill is by far the most disgusting, ghetto neighborhood in Denver!

Does Denver have a good nightlife?

Denver’s quintessential nightlife spot, LoDo offers many of the city’s most popular dance clubs and bars. The ideal place to spot-hop, grab a pedicab between drinks to give those tootsies a break. From packed dancing joints to high-end cocktail lounges, LoDo has it all.

What is the best area of Denver to stay in?

To get you started, let’s take a look at the six best neighborhoods in Denver, each with their own unique character and offerings.LoDo (Lower Downtown) … Highland. … Cherry Creek. … Art District on Santa Fe, Lincoln Park. … North Capitol Hill. … Capitol Hill.

Does it rain a lot in Denver?

With an average of 14.30 inches of total precipitation a year, Denver’s average annual rainfall is about a third of what Dallas and Chicago see in an average trip around the sun, about a quarter of New York City’s and a fifth of Miami’s. … Denver isn’t always sunny, but it’s still fun.

What is Colorado’s crime rate?

Colorado’s level of concern decreased 22% from 2019, despite higher statewide crime rates. Crime rates across the state saw fluctuations, with violent crime slightly increasing year over year (3.7 to 4.0) and property crime seeing a decrease (27.1 to 26.7).

What is Denver famous for?

Denver, Colorado — The Mile High City — is where urban sophistication meets outdoor adventure. Denver is an outdoor city known for its world-class cultural attractions, thriving craft breweries, chef-driven dining and red-hot music scene, all within easy reach of the Rocky Mountains.

Is downtown Denver safe right now?

Denver is quite safe for a city its size, but there are some areas, like downtown Denver and other inner-city neighborhoods, that should be avoided. … As for violent crime, you are not likely to be raped or beaten up in Denver in your lifetime.

Where should I not stay in Denver?

Here Are The 8 Most Dangerous Places In Denver After DarkLincoln Park. Wally Gobetz/Flickr. … Cheesman Park. Pedro Cambra/Flickr. … Civic Center. Wally Gobetz/Flickr. … Lower Downtown. Kent Kanouse/Flickr. … East Colfax. Kent Kanouse/Flickr. … Capitol Hill. Wally Gobetz/Flickr. … Five Points. Kent Kanouse/Flickr. … Central Business District.

What are the nice areas of Denver?

Here are the top neighborhoods in Denver, CO, in no particular order:Capitol Hill. Denver Capitol Building. … Uptown. Uptown, North Capitol Hill, Denver. … Highlands. West Highland, Denver. … Sloans Lake. Denver’s Sloans Lake from border at Edgewater, CO. … Baker. … Cherry Creek. … Five Points. … Washington Park.More items…•

What is the crime rate in Denver?

This is the crime rate in Denver Colorado in 2020: 4.7 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Other crime rates follow: Denver’s property crime rate is 31.1 crimes per 1,000 residents. Denver’s domestic violence rate is 1.9 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Is Union Station Denver safe at night?

Union Station is in a safe area of Downtown Denver. … Union Station is safe.

What is the coldest month in Denver?

JanuaryDenver’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 15.2°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 88.0°F.

What is the richest town in Colorado?

Cherry Hills VillageARAPAHOE COUNTY, CO — A Bloomberg report identified the richest towns in America, and one Colorado spot was named in the top five — Cherry Hills Village. The report based its assessment on household income, and the top towns in America have households that earn more than $400,000 a year.

How long is the train ride from Union Station to Denver Airport?

approximately 37 minutesThe Denver airport rail has six stops between the airport and Denver Union Station. The 23-mile ride takes approximately 37 minutes.

Which part of Denver is the safest?

South Park Hill. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … North Park Hill. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … Congress Park. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … Washington Park. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … Wellshire. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … Belcaro. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … Country Club. Neighborhood in Denver, CO. … Cherry Creek.More items…

What is open late in Denver?

The Ten Best Places for Late-Night Eats in Denver10) Barricuda’s. 1076 Ogden Street. 303-860-8353.9) Brazen. 4450 West 38th Avenue. … 8) City, O’ City. 206 E 13th Avenue. … 7) The District. 1320 East 17th Avenue. … 6) Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen. 1317 14th Street. … 5) Ian’s Pizza. 2210 Blake Street. … 4) Mary Jane’s Pizza. 2013 W 32nd Avenue. … 3) Meadowlark Kitchen. 2705 Larimer Street.More items…•